PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.4 Revision 1368

The JPCSP Team have been progressing quite well, This latest version of JPCSP features more tweaks and bug fixes. You’ll be surprised to know that this PC PSP Java emulator plays many games and with playable fps. For a list of playable games visit the JPCSP forum here

JPCSP v0.4 Revision 1368 changelog:

* Revision 1368: Turned a few inner classes into static inner classes. Two that could be are not modified because the ide can’t open the visiual editor of their parent class. ( i don’t know why, have’t touched them). They are :
* Revision 1367: Was not removing the interrupt handler, but removing a collection from itself (similar names).
* Revision 1366: Implemented LISTLOAD and LISTSAVE savedata modes.
Added missing call to hleKernelExitThread in hleKernelAsyncLoop.
* Revision 1365: Avoid null pointer exception in sceIoCloseAsync.
* Revision 1364: Avoid null pointer exception in sceIoChangeAsyncPriority.

Source: JPCSP

Download: http://uploadkeep.com/usvt3xdn1don/JPCSPrev1368.rar.html

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