Tutorial Hack UIQ3

Karena masih banyak yang tidak tahu gimana cara ngeHACK hp berOS UIQ3 ( P990,P1,G700,G900,M600,W950,W960 ) Dalam kesempatan ini gw akan menulis step by step cara ngeHACK UIQ3.

Requirement :
1. 15 menit waktu luang
2. Kopi panas
3. Sebungkus rokok
4. Hp beOS UIQ3
5. Some files ans apps [like caps switch (+on start) install xplore or swiss manager) and sis installer Mod] ( download di Persian forums )

Now for hack and unlocking your UIQ3 phone just follow the steps:
1. Pertama kamu harus menginstal Caps switch hen run caps switch application and set caps switch OFF
2. Install X-Plore (or Swiss manager for coping files in next step)
3. Install SIS installer Mod for Symbian 9.1 UIQ3 and restart your phone
NB : Open X-Plore. Then go to Menu>Tools>Configuration. Check all the boxes (show hidden files & show system files). Now You must copy the installserver.exe by xplore to this location:'c:\sys\bin\' on your phone, after that reboot your phone again.
4. Then install CapsSwitch onstar and restart again

Now your phones hacked

Now you can do a lot of fun with your handset like:
Install sign/unsigned applications without any problem
Change icons at main menu, status bar and...
Full access to systematic files
Editing and changing original phone files.
And do more......

I hope this thread was helpful for you
Note:I always use this method of hacking on my phone,and maybe there was another way for hacking UIQ3, so have good feel with this method.

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